Your trip to exotic Nepal wouldn’t be that memorable without getting closely acquainted with Nepali girls. Their unique beauty comes from mixed Asian, Indian and Chinese blood so they look really hot and unusual. They are lucky to have delicate face features, for example, smaller noses than Tibetan or Mongolian women, and possess certain grace that you will love. Their skin can be pale or tanned but their lips are usually sensual and beautifully shaped. There are many model-looking girls and beauty conquests in Nepal which sounds very inviting.

It’s not always easy to have a fling here though. Nepali people are mostly Hindu or Buddhists and can have serious religious restrictions. You never know their rules and principles until you ask or learn. For example, even a “simple” French kiss can be considered a sin, although a girl doesn’t mind to enjoy it secretly. As Nepali girls are naturally passionate but put into limits, they sometimes must use the craziest tricks in order to have fun with a man.

Although they have so many complicated principles and values, they act accordingly to their reality which is about poverty and survival. It means, if they see your interest they may run away with your coins. But of course, it’s not totally common. You can find girls who are selling themselves as well, but we doubt it’s what you really want.

To get a more educated and mentally flexible girl, you should go to Kathmandu or other bigger cities. Otherwise your experience will be rather weird and funny. Girls in Kathmandu may be asking about your education as well trying to define your social status. Education for them is a better indicator than let’s say prestigious accessories or a car. They are not good at differing and recognizing them plus they understand such things are temporary, while education is an essential basis of prosperity. These girls do their best to dress well though so they might appreciate some shopping as a sign of your romantic attention and interest.

A communication with Nepali girls is a separate challenge as they are not too educated or open-minded. You can talk about general things such as the weather, places to see, and local cuisine. She will be happy but confused and mute if you ask about her wishes and dreams. Ah yes, they will gladly discuss Bollywood movies and celebrities. That’s very childish of course but at least you know where to start.

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This doubtful feature, or let’s say a little disadvantage, in fact works well for you as you can repeat any romantic surprise described in a Bollywood scenario and it will take her breath away. Take any courtship ideas from those movies and you’ll most definitely conquer her heart.

At the same time, their behavior with a boyfriend or a partner isn’t modest. Maybe because they are controlled by their religion and sometimes by the government, they are controlling as well. It’s especially widely expressed as they have no other topics to discuss. They will rather shower you with questions where you have been and where you will go later on.

You can always switch their attention to dancing though. They are big fans of dancing! They can finally express their passionate nature while dancing, and it’s very convenient for getting much closer, both physically and emotionally. But don’t expect your dancing date to be too private. She adores the crowd as it makes her feel more popular and amused. You should tolerate it too if you want to move to a more isolated place after.

Nepali cuisine is extremely delicious. Locals wouldn’t want to try anything else. A Nepali girl will be happy if you take her to some place with already prepared meal so she doesn’t have to cook. The more chances to enjoy life you are giving to her, the sooner she will decide to enjoy the intimacy with you.

With all these recommendations, you have nothing to worry about: you’ll succeed in seducing a Nepali girl. Her passionate nature and a gorgeous body will be at your service. You’ll be fine in that relationship if you dance with her enough, feed her well enough, and satisfy her as secretly as you can. Social and religious boundaries aren’t the reason to live a boring life and Nepali girls agree with that.