Palestinian girls: is it possible to hook up with them?

Dating a Palestinian girl may be something you considered extreme just yesterday. But today you can think twice and finally make this step because it’s worthy of efforts!

Arab women progress more nowadays. They get a better education and prestigious professions, they order fancy colorful hijabs online, and… they start to date men.

Of course, this occurrence isn’t welcomed in Arabic culture, still. Virginity is treasured a lot and girls do everything to keep it till the marriage. They date only secretly and try other caresses but not intercourse itself. If you and a Palestinian girl liked each other and decided to get closer, she will greatly appreciate your ability to hide from public and do things quietly. Doesn’t matter how much you want to demonstrate your exciting closenesswith her – it’s not appropriate at all and even dangerous. So it’s better to respect Palestinian beliefs and the difference of their mentality.

However, it’s easy to fall for those hot girls as they are often naturally beautiful, extremely feminine, playful, sensual, and… bored to death. Yes, they like to laugh and have fun but their culture expects them to be cold and restrained. That’s why they will be so relieved to talk with a foreigner, smile and flirt!

Palestinian women take a great care of their gorgeous silky hair, the skin, nails, and other beautiful parts. Their eyes are huge, dark and mysterious. Sometimes Arab women have green or blue eyes which is pretty, too. They use sensual sweet perfumes and their natural smell is very alluring too. They are submissive to their men even if they are in fact leaders at work. For sure, all these qualities are enough to intrigue you and throw you to their arms!

They are extremely optimistic and will always support you with a joke or a piece of advice. It’s better if you respect them in return, be gentle with them and tell as many compliments as you can otherwise local men will do that for you! By the way, always make sure your chosen one isn’t under a local man’s protection, or you will get into trouble. It can be her fiancée, her uncle or brother – in any case, better stay away and find another beauty!

It can happen that she brings a friend or a family member to the meeting with you, not telling you this in advance – don’t be shocked as Palestinian girls are obliged to have a “third person” on such dates. However, if she’s a mature woman, let’s say a widow, rules can be different. Just never be surprised and accept those different customs until she can secretly reward you for your patience.

There is one Arab woman on a million who is seeking adventure. All the others want to get married, please their parents, and make babies. Of course girls-students have desire and find time to just date and then part, but most of them are having great hopes about marriage. Family is everything in their culture. But not depending on the final goal and purpose of your relationship, you are the luckiest man because the response of her passionate body is unique. Palestinianwomen have a huge unrealized potential in a bed as they used to be a tool for a man’s pleasure but no one explored their own ability to enjoy so far. Be one of those happy explorers!

However, we won’t be saying she is miss Perfection without any flaws. She surely has some. Palestinian women can be very jealous, short-tempered, always searching for enemiesto fight with, moody, complaining, and addicted to their mothers. Not fun anymore, right?

The best way is to ask her more questions and learn about her progressively before entering into any relationship. When you see her reactions on other people, you will be able to predict how she reacts on your own actions in future. That’s why it’s better if you two are co-workers or colleagues: you will know her personality much better than just by meeting her on the street. It’s also wonderful to meet her on a party of some common friends. The less surprises about her character and situation –the more pleasure your communication will bring. That’s all you have to know about Palestinian girls before you actually try to approach them.

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