Date Russian WomenEvery man’s dream is to date a woman who is out of his league. This is even more so for those with their sights on Russian women, some of the most beautiful on the planet. Unfortunately, many men don’t have the nerve to try for the women they desire. Instead, they settle for those who they know they will attract. Aren’t you tired of being the guy that doesn’t score the hot women? Well, it’s time to stop settling and learn how to date Russian women who are out of your league.

Make a Move

To date Russian women out of your league, you have to be ready to make the first move. Say hello and see if you can spark a conversation that will lead to more. Even if you’re not her physical type, you can win her over with your charm. Women have more of a tendency to look past aesthetics and focus on aspects like personality, kindness, and confidence. What it really comes down to is trial and error so aim high and you’ll see that some women will say yes while others will reject you. The key here is to build the confidence needed to put yourself out there no matter the outcome. Most men don’t try for beautiful women because the fear of rejection is too overwhelming but how do you know if you don’t try?

Evaluate the Situation

Once you have her attention and a beautiful Russian woman is giving you the time of day, don’t put her on a pedestal. When there’s already an imbalance in terms of looks, you don’t want to add to that. Even if she is out of your league, you never want to draw attention to that fact by acting like you have to do whatever you can to keep her around. In other words, don’t be intimidated by everything she has to offer. Instead, evaluate why you find her attractive (yes, this is the time to think beyond beauty). If it goes beyond physical attraction, pursue a relationship.

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Combat the Friendzone

Once you have a date, focus on having a good time and, most importantly, combatting the friend zone. Every time you date a woman out of your league you run the risk of being friend zoned. To avoid this, make small gestures to start building a physical connection, if in person. Start with little touches here and there to see how she responds then progress to a handhold, hug and ultimately a kiss. As for what to do online, it’s the same approach but with words. Just ensure that your words make her think about a future relationship with you rather than have her write you off as just another “nice guy” who contacted her online.

Show Her a Good Time

Another thing to remember when going for a woman out of your league is to show her a good time every time you interact. Making a woman feel good causes her to develop feelings for you because she wants to continue being around that positivity. For most men, a combination of nice and romantic with some teasing thrown in works well. Even more importantly, always lead and be direct. Otherwise, a beautiful Russian woman will grow tired of you rather than see you as a man she would like to start a relationship with.

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Play Up Your Foreign Allure

Being foreign automatically gives you an advantage when it comes to Russian women. They are both interested in and very attracted to foreign men. Tell her about where you’re from, talk food, customs, what you do in your spare time and so on. Also, answer any questions she may have about Western living. Moreover, embrace her culture as well. It will help you stand out from the other guys who are pursuing her while giving the two of you more to connect on.

And that is how you date Russian women who are out of your league. It really doesn’t require as much effort as you think. The important thing to remember is to be confident, put yourself out there, overcome your fear of rejection and be direct. If you see a woman you want, go for her and once you have her attention, let her know what you want.