Men who are searching for their love online, already know that Russian beauties are the most seducing. Dating Asian and Latin American women also became extremely popular, but their exotic appearance isn’t for everyone, also their family values are somewhat less close to our traditions and ideals. Russian women seem absolutely perfect in all meanings. Their classical feminine appearance, a special charm, and strong traditions create a very powerful magnet that attracts men tremendously.

A fuss around Russian brides on the Internet continues for ages. The principle of demand and supply works here too, and it’s obviously impossible to provide all single foreign men with hot Russian beauties. Some of them are sincerely interested, some are enthusiastic, some are desperate to meet a foreign man (we mostly mean older ladies), but the others are too much rooted in their environment and daily habits. They aren’t ready to change their life but they don’t mind to improve their budget. The local agencies and international sites’ owners are greedy too. All these factors lead to an opposition between real potential brides/girlfriends and professional scammers.

It’s difficult to find best Russian dating sites in this realm of lies but we are going to be your compass today. Read the list of the most reliable platforms below!

  1. LovePlanet.ruloveplanet is a famous site you have probably heard about. We put in on the first place simply because it’s free. There are millions of users and they have no other reason to be on the site other than meeting a mate of an opposite sex. The interface isn’t very impressive but you can use many options from flirting to planning a family together. The girls from the site usually prefer to meet in their city first, simply because they are more tradionally-thinking, but the communication with real persons is always promising.

  1. AnastasiaDate.comanastasiadate

This site is a total opposite to the previous one. It’s not for free at all. No, it’s actually quite expensive, especially if you prefer to correspond with at least several girls, use extra options and dedicate every evening to that. You may wonder why we included this pay-per-letter site to the list then. The girls’ competition on is enormous. You get the impression that only beauty queens are registered there as almost every girl looks like Miss Universe. Russian dating beauties are all here.

At least a half of girls are well-educated and many speak English, although they pretend they don’t, just to share the profit with the translators. Others hide the fact of having a local boyfriend or even a husband. In fairness, the administrators of the site are monitoring the social networks of each female user and taking into consideration the men’s complaints so such girls’ profiles are quickly deleted and the agency should pay a big penalty for every “bad case”.

Yes, that’s a big business, but look, the economical situation in Russia in Ukraine isn’t the best at the moment, and the quality of men isn’t getting any better with years. Even the materialistic girls start needing a good family one day, and have hearts able to fall in love. If you got a bright personality and can offer a stable future, you won’t stay alone. Success stories of AnastasiaDate aren’t fake, it does bring positive results. Even men who wasted tons of money on this site, still come back there. Answering the question “why”, they usually say the girls are too gorgeous and well-selected to ignore them, and after all, you can really meet the most of them and take a chance.

  1. RussianCupid.comrussian cupid

It’s another site with a title well-known even to the newcomers. And it deserves all the fame. This site is definitely all about best Russian dating. First of all, its database of female profiles is absolutely huge: over 1.5 millions. At the same time, they place only natural-looking photos of the girls on their main page and that is their unique trait. Less glamour, less make-up, less falseness – it seems to be their rule, and it’s one of the reasons why the interface of the site looks so pleasant, stylish and authentic. It’s really a modern interface aimed to help the users easily navigate even if they’re the newbees.

But let us tell you what makes this site so popular. It’s definitely the pricing! You see, the most basic options of this site are absolutely free to use, and if you want to communicate with ladies in all ways without any limit, just upgrade to the Premium. In this case, it’s just a loud name – the Gold Premium membership on RussianCupid is totally affordable. At the same time, you are getting an opportunity to meet as many girls as you like: your membership covers all. There is also an option of “invisible profile”: you open your personal details to a certain girl only when you’re ready.

  1. Mamba.rumamba

None list of Russian dating sites excludes Mamba. Everyone recommends it. Why? Simply because it’s the biggest and most popular dating site in Russia. Although it wasn’t created for international online dating, it quickly became famous among men from other countries. The reasons are obvious. The database of Mamba contains casual and natural photos of thousands, if not millions of Russian beauties. They join the site for no other purposes but finding a mate or a lover. It’s not a business but a real search that girls and women do in between work and studies. Real daily life, real needs, and real meetings with pleasant consequences. But wait, it’s not that easily. We placed this site on the last position because most of the girls on Mamba expect to find a local partner. What does it mean? It means they speak bad English, and they aren’t ready to relocate to another country. You will have to convince them with your gallant courtship and serious efforts. Does it sound like a challenge for a true man? If you’re prepared to it, then you’ll be fine on Mamba. Good luck!

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