There are so many stories over the Internet about Russian and Ukrainian girls who got married just to receive a Green card and then asked for divorce. A family life with them was short and terrible and American husbands were devastated. Did you hear this kind of stories as well? Then you have to know that by statistics, the women from Odessa rarely act by that scenario. They make the best wives to foreign husbands and there are almost no complaints from men’s side.
But it’s interesting to look beneath the mysterious veil and get to know what exactly happened to some of the girls aside from the trivial “they lived happily ever after”. Olga’s story is intriguing and breathtaking. She was born in Odessa and lived there until she met her future husband.
“I was committed to get married with a foreigner and move abroad since my 20 y.o.,” Olga shares. “I grew in a modest family but that wasn’t a reason. I definitely wasn’t financially desperate. I graduated from a prestigious faculty and started to work as a multi-lingual translator. It was a well-paid job and I always had a thousand or two thousands of dollars in my locker. But I knew I wanted something better. I wanted to travel to beautiful places with my beloved man and to be socially protected. I couldn’t have that in Ukraine”.

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Olga dated several men from USA before she met her fiancée. She was already hopeless as nothing worked. “All those men weren’t ready for a complicated visa process and other responsibilities. I was seriously disappointed twice and for the third time, my heart was totally broken”. She didn’t play with those men, her emotions were pretty deep. She was surprisingly mature for her young age and prepared to make big steps, organize things, and accept new duties.

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Finally, when she was 25, she met Edward. He was American with the Pakistani roots. He was only 10 years older – that’s not much for international marriages. They quickly got married and she started her life of an American housewife. They were traveling to Hawaii, to Maldives, to Niagara waterfall, so all her dreams came true. During their first years together, they argued only once: when her passion towards him was driving her crazy but his doctor restricted him from having intimacy at that period. Edward said then that he is going to hit her if she touches his body once again, so she stopped. Their intimate life wasn’t very happy but it gave them two wonderful kids, a boy and a girl. She found her vocation in motherhood and… drawing: her sketches looked way too professional for just a hobby. It’s so typical for Odessa girls to have hidden talents. The children didn’t save the marriage though as after the 10th anniversary, Edward cheated on Olga with a Pakistani woman. Such an irony!
“It was a catastrophe for me and the kids. Our world turned upside down. I didn’t eat for days, I didn’t speak to my friends for months. I didn’t know what to do,” Olga confesses. After their divorce, she got the custody and quite small alimonies so she started to work as a makeup artist.

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Very soon, she managed to work with celebrities and the best models of the state. It allowed her to pay the bills and provide her children with a good education. After 3 more years, she already had enough money to open a dress shop of her own. And only when she became totally independent and successful, she met a man of her dreams – a smiling, handsome, and muscular American who also happened to be a business owner. They are of the same age. They have the most romantic relationship and their shining eyes are speaking louder than any words. They are engaged now and John is her children’s best friend.
Olga’s way to happiness wasn’t the easiest one. Her choice to find a foreign husband brought many challenges into her life. In her place, many women would give up on the very first stage of their search, leave Edward after a few years of unhappy marriage, or move back to Ukraine after divorce. Many would feel simply helpless and broken. But not Olga. Not a girl from Odessa who got a strong character, a big heart, and a clever brain! Let us tell you another thing: she still looks like she’s 25 years old. She never adapted to American style and usually wears dresses and high heels, replacing them with sneakers only while hiking. John is definitely a lucky man and you can find your super-girl in Odessa as well!

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